Ski Extras

If you're unfamiliar with selling ski holidays, then one of your first questions will probably be "what are ski extras"... here's our handy guide!

Ski Extras

Ski Extras

The term "ski extras" refers to the additional items often booked in addition to the essential flights, transfers and accommodation.  These extras include lift passes, ski hire and ski school.  If you're a travel agent looking for ski extras then you're in the right place, we can assist you with your requirements, you just need to sign up for an account.

Lift Pass or Ski Pass

A lift pass and ski pass mean the same thing.  This is the ticket required to use the ski lifts in a ski resort, usually these are electronic, however some can be a manual ticket which has a barcode on.  Having a lift pass means you can use the ski lifts in the mountain area for which it has been booked.

Full Area

A full area lift pass means that your client can ski or snowboard throughout the whole ski area where they are staying.  For example this could be a "Portes du Soleil" full area pass which includes 600km of slopes.

Local Area

Often a ski area is a combination of smaller "local area" sections, for example within the Portes du Soleil full area, a client staying in Les Gets might just want to buy a local area  pass covering just Les Gets and Morzine.  When booking online at Ski For Agents just read the descriptions of each ski pass to know what is included.

Ski School

Ski school isn't just for beginners!  Even the most seasoned skiers and snowboarders can take lessons to help progress specific skills or to build confidence, not to mention the social aspects of taking part in group lessons.  It's generally referred to as "ski school" but this phrase also includes snowboard lessons.  It's important to note though that skiers and snowboarders will be separated into different lessons.

Group Lessons

This is where a customer books a specific ski school package of a certain number of hours, eg. 15 hours over five days, and the ski school will allocate your client into a relevant group to match their ability.  The range of abilities within a group depend on how many customers are booked into a group for their specific dates and duration, and, depending on the school, it could mean that the lessons are delivered in multiple languages.

Private Lessons

This type of lesson is where your client has booked an instructor exclusively for themselves, however this could be for their family or group of friends.  A private lesson doesn't have to mean one-to-one, it's just your client booking an instructor for their requirements.  To get the most out of  a private lesson the participants should be of a similar ability, otherwise the instructor would have to go at the pace of the slowest person.

Ski & Snowboard Rental

There are lots of different options when it comes to ski hire or snowboard hire.  The key questions relate to the experience of the skier - beginners don't need anything other than the basic equipment, but after skiing for a couple of weeks it's usually worth investing in upgrading because better quality equipment will help the skier or snowboarder to progress.

If you're only skiing once or twice a year then it's usually most economical and convenient to rent your ski or snowboard equipment for your holiday, and even if you're skiiing more regularly than this it's often better value to rent your skis even if you decide to buy your own ski boots.  Some of the advantages of renting skis rather than purchasing them:

  • You don't have to pay for ski carriage.
  • You don't have the hassle of taking your skis through the airport and waiting for them at the other end (often skis come through separately to usual luggage).
  • If you own your own skis you should really get them serviced (checked over and waxed) before each holiday.
  • Your skis will be one type (eg. carvers, all mountain, off-piste) whereas with renting skis you can choose the type of ski you want to rent depending on the conditions.
  • Each season you can choose to have the latest skis, but if you have your own they're always getting older!